Genius Ways to Cool Down a Room without Air Conditioner

How are you sleeping lately? 

Are you frustrated by having to toss and turn around your bed at night due to hot weather making your room feel like an oven? Oh, are you thinking about buying AC to resolve this problem? If you are, do not forget to think about the increasing prices of air conditioners during summers. I am sure that if you have checked the prices, you would not want to pay thousands to install an AC in your room. But what about sleepless nights? Are you willing to sacrifice it to save your money? In either of the cases, you have to become a smarter version of yourself than giving up to sleeping uncomfortably or breaking into your bank.

Genius Ways to Cool Down a Room without Air Conditioner

How Hard is to Live in a Room Without Air Conditioner?

Summers are very hard to bear. It is difficult to work and sleep when the scorching sun bugs us from the windows or the heat seeping through the curtain. Moreover, if you live in a small room comparatively, which is more likely to warm up quicker, and the air circulation is significantly worse than the larger spaces. In that case, the hot season becomes more challenging. You might be wondering if we all have to face the same kind of issues in the hot weather, then it is a big YES!!! In fact, it is no surprise that the only easy way we find in summers is to stay in our AC rooms. Nonetheless, turning on the AC in hot weather also means emptying your wallet while just sitting around and chill. So, what if we tell you the different environment-friendly ways to cool down your room without AC? Yes, you can make your room cool down during scorching summer heat without having to spend thousands on buying an AC. So, let’s get started!

1. Keep Those Blinds Closed… or Maybe Try Blackout curtains.

blackout curtains that work as good insulators This technique is as simple as it sounds. Most of us don’t know the benefits of keeping the blinds closed, especially during the daytime. You may not know that up to 30% of the heat in your house comes from your windows. So the simplest solution to this problem is not to let the sunlight in the first place. Do not open the blinds of your room where you are not sitting the entire day. Keep them shut until the sunsets. This way, you can lower the indoor temperature by 20 degrees. In addition, if you have curtains made of light material, it is time to get new ones. Invest in some good-quality blackout curtains that work as good insulators to block the sunlight from entering your rooms. There are many different and attractive shower curtains are also available.

2. Hack a Cooling Fan? Just Do It Yourself.

When the heat waves hit you like they are coming straight out of an inferno, you want nothing more than the feel of the ocean breeze soothing the effects of heat. You can create your own DIY faux ocean breeze with a bowl full of ice and a fast-rotating fan. This might sound funny as it is an old-school technique, but if you haven’t tried it out, you are missing out on some really effective room cooling techniques. Fill a bowl with ice and place it in front of your fan. Don’t take our words for it: if you have any doubts, just try it today and experience the magic yourself!

3. Play With the Fans Smartly.

iPower 7 Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan While you think fans are just made to blow the air, you need to think again. Fans have the capacity to bring the chilly breeze into your rooms if you rotate their blades counterclockwise in summers. These special fans are called Exhaust fans that help the rooms cool down without an AC. When the fan rotates anti-clockwise, it pulls hot air out of the room and throws it out effectively. iPower 7 Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan can be efficient in pulling the hot air out of your window. Keep the fan in the direction of the window, turn it on, and you will feel your room turning into a calming place in no time.

4. The Temperature Going up?

Get Low and Live in Room without Air Conditioner.

Sometimes, the simplest tricks can do the magic. When the temperatures go up, you can simply reduce its impact on your body by simply lying down closer to the floor. It might not feel great to some, but when the hot weather comes, you have to disassemble your bed and put the mattress on the floor to beat the heat without AC. You can also sleep without the mattress if you have smooth floors and don’t mind hard surfaces. The sun directly hits the roofs of the house, so the closer you are to the roof, the more heat you will feel.

5. Upgrade Your Sheets- Get Some Buckwheat Pillows.

buckwheat pillow Switching your sheets is never a bad idea to freshen up your room. Most importantly, it is a great way to keep the room temperature down. Certain materials like fleece and flannel are not good insulators of heat and are better for winter use. Use sheets that are made of cotton are they are breathable and let the air pass through them. You can buy a chill pillow that contains cooling gel to disperse the heat of your body. You can get your hands on the buckwheat pillow as they have hulls that repel heat and allowing the cool air to flow in the space in it.

6. Ditch the Lights

Switching off the lights is a self-explanatory tip to keep your home from becoming an oven. Incandescent bulbs take 90% of the energy off and emit heat. Why not ditch them and take advantage of natural light as much as possible? Your rooms will feel cooler after dark by using minimal lights or even no lights at all. The cherry on the top, you will eventually save up some bucks at the same time by lowering down your electricity bill.

7. Long-term Improvements, Anyone?

Are you committed to not using AC and keep your home naturally cool instead? You need to make a couple of changes to make this work for the long term. Awnings for your windows would be a perfect addition to shield your home from direct sun rays in many summers to come. You can also consider planting vines near light-facing windows to reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the wall of your home.

8. Turn On Your Bathroom Fans

Yes, you read it right. Having fans in your bathrooms can actually be helpful in lowering down the temperature of the house during summers. During the hot days of summer, turn your bathroom fans on and turn them towards the windows to pull the warm air out. You can also keep your exhaust fan on if you already have them installed in your bathroom and always keep an air freshener for bathroom to get rid of the bad smell.

9. Let the Night Air in

People may think that summers are mostly about scorching heat and increasing temperatures. However, that’s not entirely true. The temperatures may vary from day to tonight. Sometimes, the hot day turns into a chilly night, and we can’t thank God enough for it. If this is the case in the place where you live, make the most of those refreshing nights by opening the windows before going to sleep. Just make sure to close the blinds and windows before the sun rises in the morning. We don’t want to let those harsh rays ruin that good night’s sleep you just had, do we? So, here is the compilation of the easiest way to keep your rooms cool during hot summers without an AC. If you are willing to spend some bucks on things under your budget, go for the ones mentioned in the list above. However, if you are dedicated to keeping your house cool by using the simplest tricks, we have also mentioned the solutions for that. Enjoy your summers and keep your cool because this summer heat is not going to bother you anymore!

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