How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home Permanently

You are tired of seeing uninvited eight-legged guests roaming around in your home. You have tried so many things, but maybe it’s time to dig deep into the problem. Before knowing how you can get rid of those terrifying little beings, we need to understand why they get in your house in the first place. Let’s move to the facts about why spiders get inside the home.

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home Permanently

Yes, these spiders that you probably hate the most have several reasons to get into the house and live there for some time. But you can have these uninvited guests living inside your home and falling on your head while doing your chores, right?  Do not worry; we have the ultimate solutions ready for you to tackle this problem, for once and for all. After reading this whole article, you will not just get the solution for “How to get rid of spiders” but will also find out “Why do they come inside your living space” and “How to keep them away PERMANENTLY.”

Without any further ado, let’s get to the roots of the problem:


Spiders, undoubtedly, are an important part of nature. But welcoming them into your house is a big no-no for several reasons. However, we are most likely to see them hiding and making their webs on the walls during autumn. Spiders flee from the gardens to inside your home in search of their mates when the temperature drops. It may sound weird to you, but that’s the main reason why they come inside the house. They need to hide and lay eggs, and they ultimately find “your” homes as their shelters. Another main reason spiders are mostly found inside homes is to catch other insects to feed themselves. After all, they also need to survive!

Now that we all know why spiders play hide and seek inside our houses, it is not so difficult to understand how to get rid of them.

5 Tips to Get Rid of Spiders

Let’s get into the actual talk, and let’s reveal some common but not followed tips to get rid of spiders partying around inside our homes.

1. Move the Bins

Bins are like the food courts for many insects, including spiders. Since flies love to stay around bins, spiders are more likely to find them around the bins. Wheel your bins more often and try to keep them away from your windows and doors where insects can easily access their favorite food buzzing around those bins.

2. Turn the outdoor lights off.

It’s not much of a secret that the lights attract almost every insect, especially flies. And what’s the spider’s favorite food? You guessed it…. these insects. You can prevent this buffet feast by simply switching off your outdoor lights at night.

3. Dust Regularly

One of the main reasons behind spiders crawling around your home is the dust. Whenever you think of removing the spider webs from your home, do not forget that cleanliness is the key. It would be best if you dusted out your stuff and especially the corners of your doors and walls regularly to stop spiders from making their webs and ultimately leaving your home.

4. Declutter

Organizing the homes is not an easy task. And when you live with kids, it becomes overwhelming too. Whatsoever, decluttering helps remove the spots for spiders to hide—Declutter the old newspaper piles, unwashed clothes, and dishes to usher the spiders out of your home.

5. Keep the plants away.

Just like the lights, the greenery attracts the insects as well. Spiders tend to hide in the plants, stones and leaves to trap the prey. Keep your plantations away from the doors and windows to ensure that these insects don’t find access to your home.

7 Natural Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home Permanently

Here comes the most awaited part; Keeping the spiders out of your home permanently. That being said, we reveal to you that it is possible to keep the spiders away from your home permanently, too.

1. Peppermint Spray help to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

Peppermint spray is one of the best kinds of natural spider repellent. It is easily available and has a strong scent that is not very attractive to spiders and keeps them away from your home.

Add 15-20 drops of peppermint oil in a water-filled spray bottle and spritz around the house after you are done with cleaning, and voila! You have been safe from these creepy spiders for a long time!

2. Eucalyptus Oil

Having many benefits like fighting the cold and detoxifying your body’s pores, the eucalyptus oil also prevents an infestation of spiders.

How can you use it to keep the spiders away? Just follow the steps mentioned above, replace the peppermint oil with the eucalyptus one, and make your home a clean, anti-spider place.

3. Walnuts

Walnuts? Really? Yes, you read that right, and you are not the only one to be confused by that. We also considered walnuts as just a healthy midday snack. But here is the amazing thing about them; they are natural spider repellents, too. However, the reasons behind them being spider repellent is still not clear.

Place a bowl of walnuts in the corners of your house or any particular area you see spiders, like kitchen cabinets and the storeroom walls, and wait for the magic. If they see walnuts, you won’t see them anywhere around them!

4. Vinegar

Vinegar is the real warrior for the spiders. As a matter of the fact that we humans cannot bear the sour scent of vinegar for long, how can spiders do that? The smell of it can send shivers down the spines of spiders. It is an easy-to-access tip that works.

Mix half bottle of vinegar with half of the water and spray it around your house, not forgetting the corners and bedsides. Another easy trick is to keep a bowl or a bottle full of vinegar in the dark corners of your home to keep the spiders away from your home permanently.

5. Citrus

Like vinegar, citrus is also a very effective hack to repel the spiders away from your home. Having citrus fruit on your kitchen’s counter is not only essential to encourage healthy eating but also to keep the siders out of your kitchen.

So next time you peel citrus fruits, do not waste their peels. You can rub it on your windowsills and doorways as natural repellents, and you are good to go.

6. Cinnamon

Talking about all the natural ways to kill and not getting back spiders in your house, there is no way we are leaving this special ingredient behind. Grab yourself a bowl of cinnamon and keep it in the places where you suspect spiders can make their web.

You can also get some cinnamon candles to burn, and you will be sending all those creepers to pack and rush out of your house in no time.

7. Diatomaceous Earth

Don’t get panicked by its name, as diatomaceous earth is not well known among people. Diatomaceous earth is made up of fossil remains called a diatom. It is non-toxic and therefore preferred as an excellent insect repellent if you have children and pets in the house.

Add a tablespoon of diatomaceous earth to a spray bottle and spray it all over your house to prevent your home from these creepy spiders.

Some Verified Methods

While the methods mentioned above are the safest and easiest home remedies that keep spiders and other insects away, some verified methods are listed down for you as a bonus.

1. Vacuum

Vacuuming the house daily pulls out all the dirt and dust from the carpets and other areas where the brooms can’t reach effectively. It also prevents spiders from making their webs inside your home. here are some best Vacuum cleaners for your home.

2. Exterminator

Professional help to keep insects making their home in your home is nothing but a blessing in disguise. If the infestation of spiders is more than you can handle, you can call the exterminator to kill all the insects living inside your home without any delay.

3. Herbal Insecticides

There are a lot of options for non-herbal pesticides to kill insects, including spiders. But, as far as your health is concerned, you can go for the herbal ones to kill the bug and other species without becoming a target to any harmful chemicals.

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