DIY Home Decorating Tips- How to Make Your Walls Give A Cozy Look to Your Home

It has been more than a year since we have spent much of our time at home. Even if it was not the pandemic having us cooped up inside our houses, we all seek new ways to spend our weekends or extra time doing something new at home. These days, despite having all our work done online and sitting in front of a screen watching Netflix in our spare time, we are looking for something productive, as well as fun. So, what about giving your home some attention and making it look attractive and cozy at the same time?

DIY home decorating tips- how to make your walls give a cozy look to your home

Do not fret- you do not have to renovate your whole house by painting them new, breaking down and rebuilding things, or throwing in some new furniture. You can give your home a new look without having to spend thousands of bucks, but you can still make it look like you have. So, cut the leash of your creative side and let it free because it’s time that you start working your magic on your home!

DIY Home Decorating Tips

DIY projects are not just a fun activity but also give you some really budget-friendly decorating ideas. With all the extra time you have in hand, you can explore new ways to make your home look pretty with DIY projects. Not only will you have an engaging activity to take off your mind from the hustle-bustle of life these days, but you will also have some beautiful stuff to decorate your home with!

If you are having difficulty deciding where to start, decorating walls is the best way to start your DIY projects for. That’s because walls are pretty much like a blank canvas.  You can let your imagination wander to decide what you can do to make them look alive and give a homey feeling.

A Simple Gallery Wall:

A Simple Gallery Wall

If you like something minimal yet impactful, you can always turn your plain wall into a cute gallery wall. Collect a few canvases of different sizes and paint them with some shapes or whatever you like. You can also use your favorite pictures instead of paintings and frame them for your gallery wall. Using different sizes of the canvas gives the gallery an interesting and modern look.

A Simple Gallery Wall1

However, if you go for the same sizes, they look great too! You don’t have to fret about not being good at painting- just go for some abstract art. Grab some paints that complement your wall color and a brush, and start painting.

Bulb planters:

Bulb planters

One of the best things about DIY decoration projects is that you do not need to buy all new things to make something pretty out of them. You can utilize some old and even broken stuff to turn them into your wall decorations.

If you have some old, burnt-out light bulbs that do not work anymore, you can use them to craft cute little bulb planters for your patio walls. Taking bulbs apart can be a bit tricky, so make sure that you are doing it carefully. Here is how you can do it:

You will need to cut a section of the metal at the bottom of the broken bulb. Use a plier to pull out that section entirely so that there is nothing left inside the bulb.

Now you will need a glue gun and a string or twine to cover the holder part and make a holder with that. You can also use some flexible wire and glue it to the bottom of the bulb to create a holder. Fill 1/3 of the bulb with water and add plants of your liking inside like you would in a vase. You can also use succulents instead as they are pretty easy to take care of.

Faux Brick wall:

Faux Brick wall

Brick walls give your room a rustic yet modern look. But it can be quite a daunting task to crash down the walls to build a brand-new brick wall in its place. Don’t worry; there is another DIY tip to help you create this look for your room without having to rebuild your walls.

Faux brick walls are easy to paint, and you can do it without the help of professional painters. All you need is some paint that goes well with the base paint color of your wall. Now, what about the bricks? Well, you will have to take a short trip to your kitchen to grab some dishwashing sponges!

Faux Brick wall1

Pour some paint on a tray so you can easily dip your sponge in it. Make sure that you do not dip it too deep and just enough to have some paint on the sponge’s surface. Now use that sponge as a stamp on your walls to create a brick wall pattern, just like shown in the picture above.

You can cover the whole wall or choose specific portions to give it more of a modern touch.

Himmeli straw DIY Home decorating:

Himmeli straw DIY decorations

You can make decorations of your liking using brass himmeli straws. You can cut them into different-sized pieces and connect them using strong glue to create interesting geometric patterns for your wall decorations. You can use these straws to make any shape.

These straws come in different sizes and colors and are easy to cut using a small pipe cutter. You can also paint them in whatever color you want. You can also use cocktail straws and paint them in the colors of your liking if you are looking for an inexpensive alternative for himmeli brass tubes.

Hanging Mason jars/wine bottles with fairy lights:

Himmeli straw DIY decorations1

You always have some old glassware in the kitchen somewhere that you do not use anymore. If you have some glass wine bottles or mason jars that you do not use anymore, it’s time that you turn them into something decorative for your empty walls.

You will need some mason jars/ glass bottles, fairy lights, a strong adhesive, twines, a wooden plank or old cutting board, and a few decorative hanging nails.

Remove the lids of the Mason jar and glue the twine around the opening of the jar. Make a hanger using the same twine that you have wrapped around the opening of the jar. Take a wooden plank and paint it if needed. Now place the plank on the wall and hang it using decorative hanging nails. Keep the nail protruding out of the plank so you can hang the jar easily on it.

Now put some fairy lights inside the jar, ensuring that its switch is hidden behind them and easily accessed. Now take the Mason jar and hang it on the plank you have hanged on the wall. You can also add some faux flowers and plants to add some colors.

These DIY wall decoration ideas are very easy, budget-friendly, and beautiful. You can easily add some cozy and welcoming accents to your home with little effort. Remember that you can always add some personal elements to these decoration ideas and customize them as per your liking. There is no limit to creativity, so do not keep yourself held back from digging in your old used-up stuff and turn them into beautiful decorations!

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