Natural Pest Control Strategies for Your Home

Flies, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, and other irritating creatures can become part of your home without you even inviting them and can make your life miserable. These home pests may not destroy your physical property but can spread diseases and cause serious health problems. There is a variety of pest control that are available in the market for controlling these pests but the natural pest controls are found to be more effective and easiest pest controls. Here we have gathered the natural pest controllers for your convenience.

Natural pest control strategies for your home


Benefits of Natural Pest Control

Using natural pest control is good for the environment and your health. It doesn’t damage anything, so there are no cons to using it! But, there are various pros that are given below.

1. Natural pest control is a slow process but it will last for a long. Some people prefer speedy recovery, those in need of quick results should stick with chemical products to get rid of pests as soon they can afford it.

2. The use of chemicals poses a health risk, and it’s best to avoid pesticides that can cause issues with your body. Organic pest control methods allow you time for gardening without worrying about these side effects while also providing protection against pests.

3. One of the best ways to protect your home from pests is by using natural and organic methods. Not only does it increase environmental health but also saves money on costly treatment measures.

1. How to Control Cockroaches at Home Using Natural Pest Control Methods

Cockroaches are creatures that increase rapidly and multiply their number, and are quite difficult to get rid of. Different bug sprays keep the cockroaches away from your home, but human exposure to these pesticides can cause allergies and reactions. So here we are with the different natural and organic pest control that you can use daily without harming yourself. These includes:

  • Boric acid and sugar:

Boric acid and sugar together act as a natural pesticide for cockroaches. It is considered an effective combination, you need to mix boric acid and sugar in a ratio of 1:3 then this mixture is needed to be placed close to the spaces where cockroaches hide. You need to look for all of their hiding places and put this mixture on their every spot.

  • Leaf of a bay:

Bay leaf act as a natural pest controller for cockroaches, you can place them anywhere where you see more cockroaches, as cockroaches cannot tolerate the smell of bay leaves. First, you need to crush the bay leaves and make them in powder form, then you are required to put them in a bowl at each corner in the kitchen. By placing this Asian spice close to the cockroach’s nest make them go out of the house.

  • Slices of lemon: 

Lemon slices are considered to be a natural agent for keeping cockroaches away as the smell of lemon brings freshness to the atmosphere. You can make a paste of lemon peels and use or you can also spray the lemon to keep your home fresh.

2. How to Get Rid of Ants at Home

Ants are getting to be seen in greater numbers when there is sticky sugar syrup on your place and thus make your surface nastier. You can keep your kitchen clean and place the foods in closed containers to not have ants around them. But if you struggle with ants you can use some natural pest control tricks to get rid of them.

  • Mix vinegar and water: 

Ants cannot bear the smell of vinegar. You need to mix a 1:1 proportion of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. You can then spray to kills ants and you can also spray it indoors and windows from where they are coming from.

  • Lemon Juice: 

Lemon juice and water solution help you to get rid of ants easily. It acts as an organic spray to control different pests.

  • Mint leaves: 

You can place mint leaves bags in places where there are bulk ants, it will make them disappear from that place.

  • Cucumber: 

Putting slices of cucumber and peels let you block the entry of ants, it has been observed that cucumber is the natural agent that bans the entry of ants.

  • Cornmeal: 

Cornmeal can help you get rid of ants, as ants cannot digest cornmeal, it kills them slowly. They are dangerous for kids too.

  • Boric acid and sugar: 

You can mix sugar and boric acid in 6:1 quantities and dissolve well in water. The next step is to dip cotton balls in the solution and put them in all the spaces where ants usually reside. This mixture kills the ants slowly.

3. Which Natural Mosquito Repellents to Use at Home

Early morning and evening are the peak hours when mosquitos enter our homes. Mosquitos carry and spread some life-threatening diseases as well. It’s important to keep your child away from mosquitos. Though there are many repellents available, their overuse is unhealthy. Here are a few natural pest control methods and ways to get rid of mosquitos at home.

Most mosquitos enter our home in the early morning and evening. Mosquitos carry with them many infectious diseases that are life-threatening so it is necessary to protect your children from mosquitos. There are multiple repellents available in the market but their over usage can cause serious health problems. Here are some natural pest controllers to help you get rid of mosquitos at home.

  • Neem Oil: 

Neem oil is considered to be the great organic mosquito repellent that keeps the mosquito away. You can coconut oil along with neem oil. The presence of Sallanin in neem has proven to be effective in controlling the mosquitos and is known as an organic pest repellent. You can apply the natural oil extracted from neem trees all over your body to avoid mosquito bites.

  • More flowers: 

It has been found out that planting more flowery plants like rosemary, catnip, lemon balm, and marigold help you get rid of mosquitos and they also make the air fresher.

  • Mosquito repellent candles: 

Mosquito repellent candles that are made from wax and essential oil let you get rid of mosquitos. You can use lavender oil, rosemary oil, or cove oil for making candles.

4. How to get rid of spiders at home

The creatures of spiders increase their numbers rapidly thus make it difficult for you to control their existence. Spiders might cause you allergy if they bite your skin, thus they are needed to be controlled quickly for your safety. There are a lot of ways by which you can control the growth of spiders in your home.

  • By using peppermint:

Spiders cannot bear the smell of peppermint. You can use peppermint essential oil in a spray bottle for effective results. You are required to spray the solution in your home, around your doors and windows, and also in corners where they usually create their nets.

  • Lemon essential oil:

Using lemon and any citrus essential oil let spiders away from your home, you can use the spray all over your home. It is not used to kill spiders but to keep them away.

  • Vinegar and coconut oil:

Mixing coconut oil and vinegar make an organic repellant spray that keeps the spiders away.

5. How to Get Rid of Houseflies

The roaming of flies in your home can be irritating, and you cannot even avoid them as they are unstoppable. Flies carry different diseases and spread them all over the home by flying and sitting wherever they want. But you can use natural pest controls to help you get rid of the flies and let you live peacefully.

  • Herbal sachets: 

You can use bay leaves, crushed mint, cloves, and other herbal spices sachets to get rid of those irritating flies. You can keep the sachets around your house.

  • Basil leaves:

It has been observed that Basil leaves keep the flies away from your home, you can grow basil plants to get rid of flies’ lifetime.

  • Flypaper: 

You can make DIY flypaper by using ground sugar with brown sugar solution, then dip craft paper in the solution of sugar that you made and hang it in your house to get rid of flies.

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