8 Planter Stands for Your Home Decor in 2022

Here is a thing about plants, they need beautiful planters to stand out. And for flower pots, the gorgeous stands can do wonders. If you are a person who loves to decorate your house with beautiful flowers or captivating plants indoor or outdoor, you would have an idea about how much time and effort go by to care for them. So why not go for a display which can add detailing character and liveliness to your living space?

8 Planter Stands for Your Home Decor in 2021


Refresh Your Environment with Planter Stands for Your Home

Whether you opt for traditional styles or striking modern designs, flower pot stands are always a brilliant idea to showcase your love for the plants. They elevate the beauty of your home decoration. While lifting it to the ground, they make sure to never go unnoticed by the visitors of your place. The steady characteristics of these flower pot stands can be a great addition to the right amount of intrigue. And thankfully, their presence cannot bore you for a longer period.

Talking about home décor, artificial flowers can also bring brightness to the dull areas- where the sunlight doesn’t hit directly, and you want that corner to look less tedious and a little lively. But, how could those artificial flowers escort a not-so-nice room of your home? By accessorizing them with alluring pots and a stylish stand, of course.

However, it is nearly a challenge to find these flower pot stands that match your home aesthetics and your taste; you also want them to be functional. Whether you are looking for a giant stand for your living room, balcony, or you are thinking of getting your hands on a small piece for putting it up on your dining table, there are several options to choose from. Don’t worry; we have narrowed down a list of 8 contemporary planter stands for you. Have a look.

1. Tier Bamboo Plant Stand

Tier Bamboo Plant Stand

Bamboo can never be old-fashioned. With two tiers and a 12.6 inches square bottom shelf, the tier bamboo plant stand could be the best version of itself, whether on your balcony or in your living room.

2. Minimalistic Flower Post Stands

Minimalistic Flower Post Stands

Minimalistic metal stands can have an ultimate effect on the corners of your rooms. You can consider them ordinary, but these are exceptional for not taking too much visual space. They are perfect for people who have a decent design sense.

3. Antique Pedestal

Antique Pedestal

Antiques are art for designers, and we can’t even deny them. Pedestals play a huge role in uplifting your decors effortlessly. From Victorian, Edwardian to Georgian, and many more, they are durable and contribute to a vintage look, and who doesn’t love vintage?

4. Mid-Century Adjustable Planter Stand

Adjustable Planter Stand

Sleek and functional, the mid-century adjustable planter stand can never go wrong. That’s why they are mostly seen everywhere. You can flip it to change the height according to your preference (How amazing does that sound?) and keep it on the dressing table. These planters withstand trendy conversational pieces to spice up your interior.

5. Steel-Wood Stand with Hanger

Steel-Wood Stand with Hanger

Stable, creative, and with a cute little hanger? Perfectly designed,
this steel-wood flower pot stand is hell yes. You can keep it on your porch, living room, or even in the bedroom with colorful plants to reflect your personality.

6. Garden Cart Stand

Garden Cart Stand

You are lucky if you have a garden at your home. You can make it your favorite dream place with the addition of an innovative garden cart flower pot stand. These cart stands are perfect for redefining your outdoors.

The multi sections of this stand are a plus point as you can make them look prettier through your creativity.

7. Small Iron Racks

Small Iron Racks

Want something cute yet edgy? Choose the small-legged round iron rod flower pot stands. The construction of

their sturdy steel can hold different kinds of planters or flower pots, and the best part is they can be carried from one place to another easily. You better invest in one and make it last.

8. Wall Hanging Planter Stands

Wall Hanging Planter Stand

You have an elegant alternative if you think that the stands can clutter your space and still want greenery. A wall-hanging planter stand can perfectly fit into the layout of your interior. A triangular planter in black would give this geometrical hanging stand a more modern and crisper look.

Final Verdict

These are some of the versatile flower pot stands and planters to look by. However, you can explore more depending on your choice. In general, the placement of stands should be considered primarily. Try different corners of the place and check where they go well for you. Don’t be afraid to move them around over time. You can use small ones as a table setting and then shift them to the window side later.

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