Secret Storage Spots That Are Already in Your Home

There are always valuables at home that must be kept safe and secure. Your cash, jewelry, and passports are usually kept in a bedside table drawer, or a small safe and other items can be kept in the safe locker. Still, these safe places are at high risk if any thief breaks into your house, even if they are password protected as the thief can grab the whole lockbox. So to protect your valuables, we are revealing secret storage spots that already exist in your homes.

Secret Storage Spots That Are Already in Your Home


Benefits of Secret Storage Spots

There are numerous benefits of secret storage spots already in your home, but you might not be aware of them. Let’s shed some light on the benefits and see how blessed you are.

1. Built-in storage in beds would be helpful in the master bedroom for your clothing if your closet isn’t cutting it, and there are many other places where this type of feature would come in handy.

2. Think about the items you want to display in your life but don’t have enough room for. If it’s collectibles or beautiful accessories, then utilize those pesky walls of yours by converting them into shelves! These new wall decorations will not only give you a space-saving solution; they also make attractive decor pieces on top, too, so no one can tell what is up there at first glance.

3. Setting up organizational storage in your living space is best to maximize it. Whether you’re using shelves, multifunctional furniture, or even putting a new closet system in place – every trick will give you more room for all of life’s necessities.

Secret Storage Spots

Let’s now shed some light on the secret storage spots that are already in your home. Explore each of them and make yourself surprised.

1. Suitcase Safe

You can keep your important documents and items inside water and fire-resistant safe boxes, but putting your valuables in small home safes boxes can be risky as thieves can pick the entire safe box and carry it with them, as safe homes are usually the prime target of thieves and can they are simple enough to be picked off. So to protect your valuable items, you can put them first in safe boxes and then keep that safe box in your empty suitcase so that it does not knock anyone’s senses.

2. Kitchen Cabinets 

Kitchen cabinets also have secret spots that help you keep things privately without anyone knowing of it. In kitchen cabinets, there can be a half-inch gap between the hanging cabinet and the ceiling that can be visible from a ladder.

You can fill a manila folder with your money, then put a broad binder clip on the envelope so that it does not slip into the gaps, and then you can place the envelope into the gap. This can be out of a way idea for securing your valuables.

3. Kid’s Room Hideaway

Never any thieve broke into your kid’s room in search of valuables, so thus this room can be a perfect place to keep your important items; you can put the items in between the useless junk and where your kids don’t find them it either.

4. Drawers are also Secret Storage Spots

Keeping your valuables in a drawer is not a good idea to protect them instead, you can put them in the gap behind the drawer. You can place the envelope filled with cash or other important documents with tape to the drawer’s back.

In case your drawer pulls out quite easily and can expose the hidden envelope. You can attach the envelope to the dresser or the bedside table, so when drawers remove the envelope stay securely fastened to the furniture and out of sight.

5. Wall Decorations

Paintings, mirrors, picture frames, and other wall decorative pieces offer a great way to hide your important items. With the help of an envelope and a bit of tape, you can store your valuables.

Any frame wall element let you hide items, but a deep wooden frame offers a more deceptive wall hanging. You need to put the neat paper backing and the cash into the gap between frame backing and paint. If the items are tiny, they might fit between the picture and the backing, thus would make difficult for thieves to find the cash in it. To make your home wall Cozy, check it!

6. False Books/Cans

You can create secret storage places with the help of household items. If there is a bookshelf at your home, you can make a small storage section inside the book’s pages so that it looks like a book until taken from the shelf and open.

You can also store your valuables in an empty can. All you need to do is open the can from the top, place your important items in the can, and put them with the other food cans in your cabinet. None other than the one who keeps will find the important items.

7. Out-Of-Season Clothing

If any thief breaks into your home, he will not check your sweaters, jackets, coat, and other season clothes section. You can hide an envelope with valuables in your jacket. And if the season changes, you can change your hiding spot from winter to summer clothes. Try to find a jacket or cloth that has hidden pockets so that you can place your valuables without worrying about being misplaced.

8. Freezer

Freezers have many items placed on them, including frozen items, frozen pizzas, and treats, leftovers that make it a crowded space; thus, an additional jar would not draw anybody’s attention to it. You can put a jar of your valuables in a freezer to keep it secure. All you need is to make sure that the jar is freezer safe and not damage your valuable items.

9. Tennis Ball or Soccer Ball

Just like making a secret apartment in a book or using an empty can to store important items, you can save items in a tennis ball or soccer ball, as they can provide a hidden storage spot for your convenience. Tennis ball sustains their shape even after being cut out, so they don’t look odd when placed somewhere in the house. It offers a wide opening that is enough to keep a roll of cash or other small valuable items.

For larger items to place, you can use a soccer ball. You need to cut the ball to make a large enough opening to put your important stuff. By cutting the soccer ball along the seam hides the opening, so a normal human being can not recognize at a glance if it’s being cut out.

10. Drop Ceiling

A drop ceiling is usually accessible in finished basements, utility rooms, laundry rooms, etc. it acts as a storage location for important items that are light in weight. You can have access to hollow space easily above the drop ceiling where you can keep your lightweight items, a small bag or box, envelope, or important documents can be kept without anyone knowing of it.

Remember, in drop ceiling space; you cannot put the heavy item as they break the top ceiling and fall on the ground. Also, for your convenience, count the number of the tile where you are hiding so you can get to it easily when needed.

11. Toe-Kick Hideaway

There is a four-inch-tall cavity behind the toe kicks in your kitchen cabinets. You can pull the toe kicks with your carpentry skills and make them removable. Mostly these spaces are ¼ inch with 1-inch brads; usually, they are simpler to pull off.

An oscillating tool works best for this job. You need to stick both halves of the round hook and loop self-adhesive tape to the toe kick, then push the toe kickback to place. Thus the adhesive will merge with the base of the cabinet and leave half of the hook and loop tape in space when you pull it free. There you can place a variety of your valuables under these two cabinets without worrying about misplacing or getting robbed.

12. Sitting Pretty

Dining chairs usually have to bottom box space for a hinged drop-down panel under their seat. These spaces can be perfect for keeping your valuables, cash, or other important items. You can also place your important documents under your chair, without anyone getting an idea of it.

13. Way to Hide your money: It’s Magic:

Remove the end cap off your board marker and empty the ink cartridge. Now you can roll cash and put it inside your empty marker. You can make your marker this valuable without anyone getting an idea of it.

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