5 Tips to Choose Your Room Curtain Right in 2022

Choosing the right curtain can definitely have a sophisticated and graceful impact on your living space. Curtains, without any doubt, play a supporting role in the home windows. In fact, each window requires a perfect complement to bring a prolonged beauty and comfort.

5 Tips to Choose Your Room Curtain Right

They are referred to as the crucial pieces for room décors that can add a tone to your room or any other part of the home.  You can, nonetheless, opt for something other than curtains but they will remain vogue forever in every century as a contemporary style.

Types of Room Curtain

There are a wide variety of room curtains to choose from. Fun prints to solids, from light to ornamentals, or from sharp to opaque, there are tons of possibilities for you to explore. Meanwhile, there is a lot more than what you have thought which goes for choosing the best fit of the curtain for your comfort place. Customizable and versatile, there is so much you can do that reflects your idea and designing skills.

Making the purchasing process less difficult for you, here are some rules to choose the right curtain for your room.

Think About the Use, Practically

blue curtains

Being realistic never hurts. You need to think about the practical use of curtains. Do they provide privacy? Are they going to block enough light? Do you prefer complete blackout or like the filter light coming into your room? If you have an AC room, would they cover excess heat from outside?

These are some of the essential questions you must ask yourself while choosing the curtain for your living room, dining room, or bedroom. However, you can add more of them for the difference in your room dividers.

If you need a curtain for your living room, it must be welcoming in terms of colors and contrast. For your bedroom, they must be subtle yet luxurious in style. For the dining room, since it is treated as commonplace for every member of the family to use, you can pick a light and minimalist kind.

In either of these cases, you have to make s wise decision about their functionality.

Take the Standard Measurements of Your Room Curtain

You need to measure the height of your window or door as the second important point. The length of the curtain, however, depends on the size of the window or room door. And yes, the aesthetics too. Few guidelines for taking the measurement are;

apron length curtains

The apron length curtains should bind to skim the windowsill and preventing the dirt from accumulating from the floor. These are 86 inches long.

puddle length curtain

Lastly, the puddle length is best in the case of master bedrooms or for the big room separators. The size of these curtains is 108 inches.

Whatever your option is, make sure to measure the exact length you need before buying.

Go for a Durable Material/Fabric

My favorite part tbh! Don’t we all need our rooms to stand out? The fabric of a curtain exactly does the same for your room. If the material is too heavyweight, it would be hard for you to fix it more often and, if it is too lightweight, it can fall. Test the power of the curtain by holding up a sample through the window.heavy weight curtains

Continuous to that, you must also check the durability of the fabric. It should be your long-lasting purchase and, flexible wear and tear are a must-have. There are quite a several choices for the material. Do you want some sheer effect or the heavy one? Cotton or linen? Brocades, burlaps, or the other ones we have never heard of?

Just don’t hesitate to get some of the samples. There are probably a variety of fabrics that would work as a fantasy for your room.

The Right Hardware

Talking about hardware would be the least priority for anyone while going through a curtain purchase decision. Well, I must tell you that it SHOULDN’T.

curtains rod

Consider what color and finish you want your curtain hardware to be. What color or type of rod would you like to use? What will keep the curtains from falling off the rod? Do you want the curtain rods to make a statement or blend in as much as possible? How far do you want the curtains to hang from the wall?

The answers to these questions will give you a better idea of which curtain rods will work best for you and how much they will cost.


There was once an opinion that you should never wash curtains and instead let them rot on the windows. Seriously, YUCK!!!! That’s right. Those were the days of thick curtains and ornate window treatments. Also, people more prefer to add the best shower curtains for small bathrooms. Thank God, these days are no longer an option for us, and we are aware that curtain maintenance is a must.woolen curtains

Some curtains like woolen, sheer, and silk are high-maintenance fabrics and require dry cleaning rather than washing. You can vacuum clean them as they are at risk of dust resistance.

You can select any synthetic fabric if you are likely to wash them twice a year. It doesn’t require too much care plus you will be safe with the machine and even hand washing.

Adding these tips to your bucket list will assist you in choosing the ideal room curtain in one way or another. If not, you may use one of the many online guides available to help you choose the fabric, color, and finish you desire.

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